MLB Fans Splash Page

How can we increase content views on the web?

Why Did I Prioritize This?

Our company had a strong business need to increase views of our content, which would translate to higher potential advertising rates.
Both mobile and web were eventually moving to a delayed registration model which would address the need for more content views and improved signup success, but technical issues prevented us from immediately implementing that. Consequently, I prioritized this intermediate step for the web.

Problems To Solve

Our splash page was the only area of the web app that did not require a logged in user. Consequently, to get the benefits of a delayed signup model before we could implement one, I wanted to maximize content views on the splash page. I believed this would have the added benefit of improving signup success, because potential users would see more of what we had to offer.
I wanted to minimize branding and focus on content. Users should see the full scope of posts available to them in the app. They should be able to change teams and switch from feed to feed. However, once the user becomes interested enough to take an action, at that point we guide them into our signup process.

The Solution

After defining the problem, I worked with our great designer, Mark Lee, to scope out the general boundaries of a solution.
Through paper and Sketch prototyping, we worked through various ideas to accomplish this. And from the very beginning we met with the web team informally to make sure our solutions were viable. The team lead had great input that found its way into the design, and after working through a number of ideas, as well as in-house user testing, I organized a presentation meeting for the CEO. She had some business concerns which we were able to address with a fast follow up, ultimately getting approval of Mark's design.
While I wrote the JIRA tickets and the Product Requirement Documentation, Mark fleshed out his design with detailed animation specs while the Web team began work on the project.
rough ideation
Responsive wireframes

The Result

We delivered this successful stopgap measure in the period before the team was able to move to a fully delayed registration model, increasing content views across all our web properties.