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I’m a product manager, designer and team leader, with a broad background that includes social media, blockchain, educational gaming, and online direct marketing. I’ve successfully worked in functional and cross-functional teams, Agile and Waterfall environments, large companies and small startups. The unifying thread is interesting work with interesting people.

Product Strategy
Feature Prioritization & Roadmaps
Product Requirement Documentation
User Stories and Functional Requirements
Project Management (Agile/Waterfall)
UX & UI Design
Rapid Prototyping
User Testing, Focus Groups
A/B Testing
Google Analytics, MixPanel, Braze
Conversion Funnel Optimization
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Whatever needs to be done



The Change Group

Product Manager

The Change Group is a high tech consultancy, specializing in blockchain and crypto projects. I served as sole product manager for a number of projects, working in an Agile environment with a distributed development team.

  • Implemented two-week development sprints and daily standups.
  • Defined functionality, delivering detailed wireframes and user stories.
  • Maintained roadmaps, prioritized sprints and backlogs

Projects successfully delivered included:

  • Opty, a cryptocurrency social media application on iOS and Android, using blockchain-based ERC20 rewards to drive user engagement.
  • KozuCollect, an anime product rewards application, designed to increase user loyalty by providing unique value in the form of an ERC721 non-fungible token system that delivers digital, anime-themed trading cards.



Product Manager

Vixlet provided the official social media apps for Major League Baseball, the LA Kings, ATP (men's tennis), Liverpool Football Club, the band Slipknot and more. When our company moved to cross-functional teams, I became the Product Manager of UX and UI for mobile and web, managing a team of designers. During this period, our design output increased significantly.

  • Implemented a design system, reducing confusion.
  • Streamlined the approval process to reduce conflicting stakeholder feedback.
  • Initiated regular sessions for competitive analysis, brainstorming, and improved design thinking.

Projects successfully delivered included:

  • Delayed registration, increasing signups and content views.
  • Emoji sales in the app, increasing revenue.
  • Expanded users' range of creativity in posts, to increase time in app, posts per active user per month, and content views.
  • Updated the user profile on mobile, to improve discovery, time in app, and usability.
  • Implemented a ‘sports radio’ feature for brands to improve time spent in app.



Product Manager
Web Team & Tools Team

In this capacity, I launched the initial web platform and iterative updates, including releases by Major League Baseball, men’s tennis (ATP), Liverpool FC, the LA Kings, the band Slipknot and others. Also launched our Brand Portal, a CMS tool used to manage a brand's experience on our platform.

  • Improved our registration funnel, increasing successful signups.
  • Implemented a video broadcast management tool that reduced human error by over 95%
  • Decreased the time it took to create a new branded application on web by 66%

Projects successfully delivered included:

  • A meta-data tagging system for users and media to reduce admin workload.
  • HLS streaming for video posts to increase time spent in app and user satisfaction.
  • In app deep linking to drive signups.
  • Formatted URLs in posts through Open Graph tags to increase time spent in app.
  • Launched a hierarchical world/subworld system for the teams of Major League Baseball to drive new users and engagement.



Creative Director

I was hired by the social science startup, MobLab to improve the UX and UI of their live classroom-based educational gaming system, which was sold on a subscription basis. The platform is available on iOS, Android and web.
At MobLab, I made extensive use of user testing, focus groups, analytics and in-class observation to improve our product for both students and instructors. I also got to work alongside world class economists, such as Nobel Prize winner Al Roth, while developing games based on their work.

  • Reduced support calls to our platform by 33%
  • Reduced need for live onboarding of instructors by over 40%
  • Delivered 15 new games based on macro and micro economics, adding narrative excitement to better engage our students and drive usage.






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